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  • 5-HTP replenishes depleted serotonin stores

    5-HTP is your brain's natural precursor to serotonin. Expending serotonin during intense nights out on the dance floor, result in low serontonin stores. This results in low mood, appetite and poor sleep. 5-HTP can help replenish your serotonin stores and get you feeling like yourself. Faster.

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  • Preload antioxidants and minerals to protect the brain

    Antioxidants neutralise harmful free radicals produced in the brain after intense nights out, while magnesium and other essential amino acids protect your brain from neurotoxicity. By preloading these supplements beforehand, your brain is well prepared to face this challenge.

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  • High quality magnesium relaxes jaws and reduces muscle tension

    Magnesium is an essential ingredient for your body to regulate muscle tension. While on the dance floor, your body's magnesium stores may decrease, resulting in tense muscles and clenched jaws. Preloading magnesium will help keep your muscles nice and relaxed, so you can dance the night away!

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Our mission is harm reduction.

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Our mission is to minimise harm at festivals and night clubs. First, we design and implement the most effective product possible. Second, we aim to educate through our network of partners.