How long will it take to arrive?

Express shipping will take 1-3 days to arrive in most major cities around Australia. This is FREE if you buy 2 or more packs!

Standard shipping requires around 2 - 6 days. Shipping times may vary due to COVID-19.

When is the best time to take the pills?

Take the PRE sachet 2 hours before the event. Take the POST sachet when you are ready to sleep. Take the RECOVERY sachets each night before sleep for the next three nights. Do not take POST or RECOVERY sachets before manual labour or driving as it may induce drowsiness.

Where can I find a full ingredient list?

Please see the link here.

Do you take this before and after or just after? If I'm going to a three day festival (rave) do I take it after each day?

You take the PRE sachet before the event, the POST sachet before you plan to go to sleep and RECOVERY ONLY on the days AFTER the event. For example, on the first day you would take a PRE and POST, then a PRE and POST sachet for the next two days. Save the RECOVERY sachets for after the event. Don't take these on an empty stomach as you might feel nauseated for an hour or two.

What kind of magnesium is used in this?

We use magnesium glycinate for maximum bioavailability and absorption

Are these for a single person?

Each package is designed for consumption by one person.

What is the expiration date for these?

These have a shelf life of two years from the manufacturer. They are labelled on the packaging for you as well!

Are these vegetarian?


Does this contain caffeine?


How many grams of sugar are in a serving?

There is no sugar present in the formulation.