As easy as 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣

raveSUPPLEMENT has 3 easy steps to maximise the effectiveness of these supplements.

Step 1: PRE

Take PRE 2 hours before the event. This helps pre-load essential vitamin and mineral stores and gets your body for the event! Potent antioxidants also help decrease free radicals damage!

Step 2: POST 

Take POST after the event when you are ready to sleep. It will help you relax and induce longer and more restful sleep, boosting recovery and your energy levels the next day! It also has the added benefit of eliminating nasty free radicals while you sleep.  


Take RECOVERY on the following three nights after the event. It will help with restful sleep, replenish your depleted serotonin stores and improve your mood! Make sure to only take this after the event as it may contribute to serotonin syndrome if you take it beforehand.
See our list of ingredients for a more detailed breakdown on how these supplements work.