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  • How To Use
  • “Used as directed and was comedown free! I was skeptical but I will never party without this product again!!”

    ✔️Scientifically formulated to prepare your brain for the best night of your life 😉.

    ✔️Prevents jaw clenching with high bioavailability magnesium.

    ✔️Slow release serotonin to make you feel like yourself. Faster.

    ✔️Backed and tested by thousands of happy ravers.

  • 1️⃣ Take PRE while you wait for your that friend who said they'd be ready 4 hours ago. This will help protect your brain from nasty toxins. And more importantly, help you avoid biting through an invisible lasagna through the night.

    2️⃣ Just before bed, while you lie there reminising about the best night of your life, take POST. Let's face it. Your brain and body have just been through it and could use the rest.

    3️⃣ Time to reconnect with your good friend Sarah. Take RECOVERY the next three nights and watch yourself bounce back. No sick days needed.

    Make sure to stay hydrated and to eat something beforehand.

What's inside and how does it help?

Step 1 protects the brain

• Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system, reduces free radical damage
• Magnesium Glycinate relaxes muscles, maintains a healthy heartbeat, protects against excitotoxicity
• Ginger Root Extract reduces nausea, neuroprotectant
• RALA neuroprotectant, reduces chance of serotonin depletion
• Grape Seed Extract reduces free radical damage
• EGCG or green tea extract fights free radicals
• CoQ10 protects your brain against excitotoxicity
• ALCAR protects against oxidative stress and neurotoxicity

Step 2 helps you rest up

• Melatonin together with B6 helps with rest and circadian rhythm. It doubles as a power antioxidant

Step 3 replenishes serotonin stores

• 5-HTP together with EGCG replenishes serotonin in the brain

The guardian angel you never knew you needed. Perfect for those...

Unforgettable Music festival moments

Cheeky saturday nights out

Special times at Home with your friends


How long will it take to arrive?

Express shipping will take 1-3 days to arrive in most major cities around Australia. Shipping to countries outside of Australia will take 10 to 28 business days. Shipping times may vary due to COVID-19. More details can be found here.

When is the best time to take the pills

Take the PRE sachet 2 hours before the event. Take the POST sachet when you are ready to sleep. Take the RECOVERY sachets each night before sleep for the next three nights. Do not take POST or RECOVERY sachets before manual labour or driving as it may induce drowsiness.

Where can I find the full ingredient list?

PRE: Vitamin C, Magnesium Glycinate, ALCAR, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Na-R-ALA, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger Root Extract, CoQ10
POST: Melatonin, Vitamin B6

RECOVERY: Green Tea Leaf Extract, 5-HTP

A full list of ingredients and their impact can be found here.

Do you take this before and after or just after? If I'm going to a three day festival (rave) do I need to take it after each day?

You take the PRE sachet before the event, the POST sachet before you plan to go to sleep and RECOVERY only on the days AFTER the event. For example, on the first day you would take a PRE and POST, then a PRE and POST sachet for the next two days. Save the RECOVERY sachets for after the event. Take RECOVERY for a minimum of three days after the event. Don't take these on an empty stomach as you might feel nauseated for an hour or two.

Are these for a single person or is there enough for multiple?

Each package is designed for consumption by one person.